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Hello, kernel! Part 2

Now that you have your project structure, let’s take a look at the tools we will use to create our final image. Compiler As discussed earlier, I use the arm-none-eabi-* compiler. This is a “tool chain” which means if you followed

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Hello Kernel!

To start off, I’m going to explain just what is required to be on the SD Card when the raspberry pi boots up. This is a fairly complicated process in actuality, and it took me forever to fully figure it

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My github repository

Samples from my raspberry pi adventures can be found at my github repository: Please note that my code is not necessarily stable, per se, at any given point in time. Use at your own risk!

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bl k_main

Hello! Welcome to my blog. Over the past week I’ve become completely obsessed with how to write a kernel for the raspberry pi. Please keep in mind, I do not necessarily mean writing a complete OS. I am merely interested

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Getting Started

I figured I would spend a bit of time explaining the environment you should use when developing for the raspberry pi. Let’s start by explaining my current development environment: As a C#/ASP.NET developer, I pretty much have to have Windows. And as

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