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Welcome to my blog. Over the past week I’ve become completely obsessed with how to write a kernel for the raspberry pi. Please keep in mind, I do not necessarily mean writing a complete OS. I am merely interested in understanding low-level embedded programming concepts. (merely, ha!)

To help others who face the same issue as me, I hope to document my journey. I’ve already learned a lot – some of which I will document here! It’s quite easy to find “bare bones” “linux” kernels for the raspberry pi, but if you’re interested in going deeper down the rabbit hole than that – then hopefully I can help you understand the fundamentals necessary to achieve your goals!

My background is actually web software. I specialize in C#/ASP.NET MVC and a handful of JavaScript frameworks. So taking on the beast of kernel writing (complicated even more by the lightly documented status of the Raspberry PI!) is quite a challenge indeed. My goal is to learn, so I will be discovering things at the same time you are!

I am doing this in my spare time and for fun, so don’t expect constant maintenance. But hopefully together we can experience some of the fundamental concepts necessary to achieve bare-metal programming!

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2 comments on “bl k_main
  1. jeandre Sylvester says:

    Thanks for this tutorial!, I would just like to know if this tutorial will work on an raspberry pi 3 with an bcm2837 chpset


    • SharpCoder says:

      Hey there! I have done some digging and I am not sure it will work on a raspberry pi 3. I am thinking of going back and fixing my kernel to support it. Apparently though, the chipset on the newer boards loads differently than the older models. And I haven’t done any poking around to see how different it is. If you do end up figuring it out, I would love to hear what you did!

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